What will happen in the last days

8.1. The signs of the times: In this study we will look at (1) Present day events. (2) What does the Bible say (3) What do the prophets says (4) What should we do? 

8.2. The Great Tribulation and end time events: In this study we will look at the timeline of the 21 Judgments found in the book of Revelations.     

8.3. The Rapture: In this study we will discus (1) when the rapture will take place and (2) how can we prepare for the rapture. 

8.4. The Antichrist: In this study we will answer three questions: 1. Who is the Antichrist.(2) When wil he appear (3) From where will he appear.             

8.5. Turkey’s role in the end times: In this study we will look at events happening in Turkey and what does the Bible say about Turkey. 

8.6. Suffering and persecution: Suffering and persecution is a reality in the Body of Christ. We will answer three questions: (1) Why do we suffer? (2) Why does God allow it? And (3) What should we do when experiencing suffering and persecution? 

8.7. How to prepare for the coming of Jesus: In this study we will look at six ways that we can prepare ourselves for the last days and the return of Jesus.