From Faith to Faith

1. The laws of faith:This study is about the two pillars of faith and four ways that we can practically live by faith. I have included experiences and various testimonies.

2.The power of declaration:In this study, we will look at how we can change our circumstances and our lives through the words that we declare. Our words activate the powers in the unseen spiritual world to impact our lives on earth. 

3. Spiritual authority:  This study speaks on how we can use our spiritual authority to change our lives and to conquer the powers of darkness. The study concludes with the spheres of authority that God entrusts to each of us.

4. Hope: In this study, we look at the importance of hope and the four keys to increase our hope.

5. Joy: Joy is the very atmosphere of heaven and it is important that we are continually filled with the joy of the Lord. In this study,we will look at how joy affects our lives and how we can increase our level of joy. 

6. Thanksgiving and gratitude: In this study,we will look at the importance of this life changing discipline with examples and testimonies. 

7. Principles of sowing and reaping. In this very important study we answer important questions such as, what must we sow, where should we sow, how much should we sow, how should we sow and when should we sow?

8: Being in the right position. In this study we will look at various positions that are necessary to receive from God by faith.