From Leadership to Missions

1. Ministry gifts.        In this study, we take a brief look at the five ministry gifts as laid out in Ephesians chapter 4. We also look at the practical ways these gifts operate and how to identify those who are really called to the ministry.

2. Leadership qualities. In this subject, we look at principles of leadership, levels of leadership and qualities that God wants to develop in leaders. The study ends with a profile of a balanced leader as found in the first chapter of the book of Ezekiel.

3. Redemptive living. In this study, we will look at one of the highest level of leadership and maturity. That is the ability to live redemptively or to live in such a way that we can redeem something that is negative and turn it around for good.

4. Evangelism. In this study, we will look at soul-winning techniques and how to lead people to Christ.

5. Missions.In this study, we will look at important mission’s principles and the progression from soul-winning to missions.  We conclude this study with entry strategies.

6. Giving to missions.  In this study we will look at principles of giving to missions from the life of Elijah based on 1 Kings 17.

7. Suffering and persecution. Persecution and suffering is real in many countries where there is a need for missions. The purpose of this study is to help those going through persecution and suffering and prepare those of who will face this in the future.                                     

8. Cell groups. There are many different methods of how we can run a cell group. However, in this study we will look at principles that will make any cell group successful. 

9 I will goThis short sermon concludes this section with a challenge to missions based on the phrase “I will go” that occurs three times in the Old Testament.

10. How to pray for the lost: In this study we will look at an effective way to pray for the lost, especially our relatives, family and friends.