Other Inspirational Messages

1      Ministering to the LordIn this study we will look at the most important discipline in the Bible. It was while Paul was ministering to the Lord, that he received his calling to be an apostle.

2      FavorAlthough we have favor with God because of our faith in Jesus. Our experience of favor can be increased. In this study we will look at some of the things we can do to increase our favor with God and man.

3      What happened between the cross and the throne. In this study we will look at the amazing three day journey that Jesus took after He died on the cross and appeared to His disciples after the resurrection.

4     Developing a hunger for God.  One of the most important qualities that God looks for in our lives is our hunger for Him. Firstly we will define what is spiritual hunger and secondly, how can we increase our spiritual hunger.

5     Now is the accepted timeThere is a tendency in us to procrastinate and lose hope. In this study we will look at important life changing decisions that we can take right now.

6 Redeeming the time. We need to make the most of our opportunities. This study gives us practical steps to do so.

7 Pleasing God. Our highest goal should be to be a Father Pleaser. In this study we will look at some ways that we can do so.

8 Restoration. In this study we will look at what restoration means and principles of restoration.

9. Relationship with God. In this study we will look and how we can develop and deepen our relationship with God.