Reaching your Goals

1. Unity:  There are things that we can only receive in the context of a group that God will not give to us individually. We will look at the principles of unity and a list of some practical steps that we can apply to our lives in order to build unity in a team.

2. Holiness and purity:In this study, we look at holiness from a grace perspective. We look at how it affects our calling and practical steps to a life of holiness.

3. Honor:  The Bible says that God honors those who honor Him. In this study, we look at five different scenarios of how we can honor people and God.

4. How to conquer failure: In this study, we look at Biblical examples of those who failed and the lessons we can learn from their mistakes.

5. How to make right decisions: In this study, we will look at the power of the will, how to avoid making bad decisions and principles that will help us make good decisions in the future.

6. Redeem the timeIn this study we will discuss the importance of time and how we can use our time effectively to accomplish God’s purpose for our lives on earth

7.  Calling and visionGod has a wonderful purpose and plan for every one of us. In this study we will discuss how we can find that purpose and enter into it.

8. The waiting period: We will look at six important things we need to do when we find ourselves in a waiting period. This is one of my most important and favorite studies.

9. Fruitfulness: Fruitfulness is an important topic in the Kingdom of God. In this study we will discuss the importance of fruitfulness and keys to a fruitful and productive life.

10. Faithfulness: In the study we will look at the importance of faithfulness, what it faithfulness and how it will affect our lives.

11. Humility: Humility is the greatest key to reaching our goals and experiencing the blessings of the Kingdom of God.

12. The Lordship of Christ: In this study we will look at the importance of living under His Lordship, what does it mean and what are the results of doing so.

13. Favor: In this study we will define the word favor, discuss two types of favor, what happens when we have God’s favor and how to increase our experienced of favor.