Setting the Captives Free

1.  Three levels of forgiveness: In this study we will look at the three levels of forgiveness. We have included testimonies and personal experience. We have seen many lives healed, changed and set free through this important truth.

2.  Revelation of the love of GodThis study deals with our greatest need, which is to know the love of God experientially. This is possibly the most life changing truth in the Bible. If we know the love of God, everything else will fall into place in our lives.

3. The doctrine of healing:   The purpose of this study is to inspire your faith to receive your own healing and to minister healing to others. 

4. From curse to blessing:  In this study we will help you identify whether or not curses are operating in your life and help you break these curses.

5. Ministry of deliverance:  In this study we will help you identify and set you free from demonic control.

6. Spirit of Jezebel:  In this study we will help you to identify whether or not you are under the influence of this demonic stronghold in order to break its influence over your life.

7. Overcoming fearIn this study we will identify various types of fear and how we can be free from all fear.