The Journey Begins

1. Assurance of salvationThis study deals with the question, “How do I know that I will go to heaven when I die.” There are many who have said some sort of prayer to accept Jesus, but they have never really been born again by the Holy Spirit.

2. Water baptism: In this study we will speak about the importance of baptism, using examples from the Book of Acts. We will also speak about how this prophetic action can change our lives and set us free.

3. The Baptism in the Holy Spirit:  In this study we give a Biblical basis for the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and practical steps we can take to receive it and to remain filled with the Holy Spirit.

4. Repentance:In this study we want to look at what the Bible says about repentance and we cover eight important truths about repentance that can change us and enable us to experience the grace of God.

5. The doctrine of the cross: This is the most powerful and life changing doctrine in the whole Bible. We look at four ways that we can apply the truths about the cross to our own personal lives.

6. GraceWe will look at really means to live under the grace of God and how we can avoid some of the extremes that are taught in some Christian circles.  

7. The fear of the Lord:In this study we will discuss what does the fear of the Lord mean and how can we live under the fear of the Lord. A balance between the grace of God and the fear of the Lord can unlock the great treasures found in the word of God.

8. Eternal rewards: The most important and awesome event that will ever take place in the life of the believer will be the day he stands before the judgment seat of Christ to give an account of his life. In this study we look at how we can prepare ourselves for eternity and make an eternal investment.

9. Hell: In this study we will look at what Jesus and the Bible says about hell. We will also discus the severity of hell and how to avoid going there.